MyMiniFactory launches customizer tool for interchangeable 3D model parts

London-based 3D content platform MyMiniFactory has launched a new customizer tool which allows its users to personalise 3D printable models.  Currently in beta, the Customizer allows designers to create what the company calls “customizer worlds” for their uploaded models. Consisting of interchangeable part options for the user to sift through and select from, the customizer world can be created by designers without the need for coding on their end. The company has designed the in-browser tool software so that consumers are able to 3D print their customized model using a single STL file as well.  With the Customizer beta 1.0, MyMiniFactory is aiming to respond to the demand from makers and designers for an easy way to create customized 3D model options. Adrian Delgado, Lead Customizer Developer at MyMiniFactory, stated:  “Many designers want to have customized options for their makers to pick and choose from but unless they’re willing to code the entire environment, customization is a fairly dry experience showcased primarily using photos. Now if designers want a customizer they don’t need to write code for one.”  Prior to the launch of its customizer tool, MyMiniFactory identifi...

Production of some agricultural equipment planned to be exempt from VAT in Azerbaijan

This issue has been recently discussed at the extraordinary plenary session of the Azerbaijani parliament. The import and sale of irrigation equipment, machinery and agricultural equipment has been exempt from VAT. Mining Equipment Parts According to the proposed addition to the Tax Code, along with the abovementioned agricultural equipment, the production, import and sale of spare parts for agricultural equipment, the list of which has been approved by the structure chosen by the corresponding executive body, is also planned to be exempt from VAT. The bill is intended to stimulate the production of machinery and equipment used for irrigation, as well as spare parts for them, to optimize the prices for such equipment, and, ultimately, to promote the development of the agricultural sector. World and Middle East business and financial news, Stocks, Currencies, Market Data, Research, Weather and other data. Investment Casting, Precision Casting, Lost Wax Casting China – Investment Casting,