Keeping Cars and Bikes clean is definitely a major task. The main reason for that is lack of time and the efforts needed. When we get our press cars to shoot, we invest a great deal of time only to make them shine so that they can look amazing in pictures. Last weekend, I promised myself that I will clean our Long Termer Hyundai Grandi10 myself but then one look at its dirt and I was just about to change my mind until I realized the MotoMax pack of Car Care products which are readily available in the market. I got myself a kit of four products; two for outside and the other two for inside.

What is it? If you have been washing your car with household detergents and soaps, you need to try the Motomax Shampoo as it has a chemical formula which cleans the most stubborn marks and also protects the body paint. Using the right shampoo is the most important thing in Car cleaning as this can improve or further spoil your paintwork. The tough areas where in dirt gets accumulated and refuse to come out are the corners of wheel fenders, Lower areas of bumpers, radiator grille mesh and most importantly around the logos.

How to apply? The procedure for using the car shampoo is, Rinse the car with water to remove loose dirt. Pour in 10ml of the concentrate in 3 liters of water. Stir in thoroughly until it forms a lather solution. Wash the car with this and then once done rinse the car with clean water and then with a dry cloth to avoid wet spots on the car.

Verdict: As explained, we used the shampoo and were happy that it successfully removed all the dirt and mud accumulated on all the corners. Even in modest quantities, it is sufficient to clean a compact hatchback with great ease.

What is it? Once the car is thoroughly cleaned with the help of car shampoo, the car cream has to be applied on the semi-wet surface. The polish takes roughly two minutes to settle on the surface post which it has to be wiped with a dry cloth. The dulled out surfaces get a lustrous finish with the help of this polish. The Cream Polish has a mixture of cleaning agents and Carnauba Wax base. It has to be carefully applied on metallic surfaces as the glossy treatment is clearly visible on it unlike in the case of matte surfaces

How to apply? To apply the Motomax car cream, you don’t need any water or supporting material. An applicator has been provided with the 60gms container. After having removed the loose dirt with the help of a dry cloth (after washing), dampen the applicator and then take in some cream and rub it all over the metallic surfaces on the car body. Make sure the car has no hard dirt particles or else it gets accumulated on the applicator and may also end up scratching the surfaces. Once the entire car is coated with the cream leave it for few minutes. Wipe off the dry matte coat of the cream formed with a dry cloth for a superb shine.

Verdict: My experience with the car polish has been decent. The only thing that I did’t like is the applicator. These applicators are actually useless after using it for few times. The reason being, no matter how much clean you try to keep your car, it is still going to have dust over it. The applicator tends to collect all the dust while rubbing the polish over the car. The pores of the sponge applicator get filled with such dirt particles and no matter how much you wash it, it just refuses to go and in turn leaves very minor scratches on the body. Secondly, I prefer enclosed bottled containers compared to the wide open mouth like these, the reason for this is a better opening/closing option and secondly the cream polish tends to solidify and loses its emulsion state when they come in contact with water or air.

3) Motomax Dahboard Polish: If your car parking doesn’t have a shade, chances are the interiors especially the dashboard is directly under the influence of UV rays. This spoils its fit and finish. Honestly, the interiors are the most important aspect of a car as the majority of ownership time is spent inside the car.

How to apply? Take small amount of the transparent concentrate on the applicator and rub it on the dashboard, door trims and leather and plastic surfaces. The interior dashboard polish is effective in cleaning all the dirt marks and stains. It also brightens up the surface which has otherwise fallen victim to the harmful sunrays.

Verdict: The interior polish helps in preserving the new car shine and also it does not leave behind an unpleasant odor, which some of the other products tend to leave. The interior polish can not only be used on internal surfaces but also on bumpers and vinyl surfaces

How to apply? The spray bottle has to be shaken well before spraying it on the desired surface. One also has the option of applying liberally with a cloth. Once the spray is evenly spread on the needed surface, it has to be buffed with cloth. While spraying, one has to take care of not using it on glass, paints, vehicle controls or slippery surfaces as it can be hazardous.

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Verdict: The Motomax protectant spray is useful in restoring and bringing back the new car shine on car’s plastics, vinyl and rubber surfaces. This easy to use spray protects the interiors from harsh environmental conditions. is India's leading Auto Portal and receives millions of car buyers and researchers every month. We offer various advertising products such as leads, display, mailers, editorial etc. for you to target our audience.

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