For as long as I've known her, she has wowed me with her crisp hospital corners, concealed sticky tape and artful ribboning.

It's her thing, so much so, she organises pre-Christmas wrapping trips away laden with rolls of paper, friffery and ephemera to focus on her craft with others equally talented in all things wrapping. They're focused, they've trained and they wow every year.

Here's what I've learned from her. First gather your materials. I prefer low-cost brown paper – it's usually heavier than printed wrapping paper, so easier to wrangle, and looks 'old school package from the Postie' cool.

Wrap special gifts in tissue first – not the blow your nose type, but a few sheets of bright crisp coloured gift wrap tissue.

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Tape is important. I often use washi tapes in colours or patterns, but invisible or clear is the preferred weapon of choice when battling those folds and joins. 

For the closet scrap-bookers amongst us, now's your time to shine. Put together a box of wrapping whimsy for your more wrap challenged friends. Gather together manageable lengths of real ribbons – satin, velvet and grosgrain (banish to the bin that nasty curling plastic stuff), add tree decorations, cards, feathers, beads, butchers strings and dried flowers into shoe-sized boxes to share with novice wrap friends pre-Christmas.

I'm using a lot of fabric this year, simply torn into strips in place of ribbons. Patterned printed chiffon and raw silk with shreds of chambray and denim options for the younger crew.

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As a finishing touch, add a gilded leaf or an embroidered felt or handmade decoration - I find mine at Trade Aid. For the special people on my gift list, I am adding a vintage diamante broach pinned into the bow or fabric knot of the box or bag. A key chain or little silk tassel is a suitable alternative option here.

If the thought of manhandling rolls of paper and tissue causes wrap anxiety, you will probably not become a true wrapologist. However, do not despair as $2 shops are scattered most places and sell a few versions of paper carry bags. Fill these with lots of crispy tissue and your chosen gift, tie a ribbon on the handle and you're sorted. 

No bags? No worries - just use ribbons and twine, and bundle your gift together, binding it tight with a label, a sprig of herb or a dried flower to finish it with nonchalant 'no worries' flourish. 

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