Fitness has always been a staple in American culture, but it seems that fitspo for moms and pregnant woman is taking off. It may be thanks to the visibility different bodies, including pregnant ones, are getting. Seriously though, Ashley Graham's maternity workout look is a dream. Anyway, it's been a myth for a long time that too much activity can harm the baby, but research has found that is not the case. According to one doctor from the study, "Within reason, with adequate cautions, it's important for [everyone] to get over this fear." Every woman is different and needs to discuss the risks with her doctor, but if the doc clears working out, she is safe to do so. Some exercises may be safer than others though, so doing ones like swimming workouts, treadmill, and other low-impact moves may be what the doctor recommends. All of this to say, moms can kill the fitspo scene and they should have the maternity workout clothes to do it.

The good thing is that pregnant workout essentials are the same as regular workout items. Leggings are, of course, a huge staple, the difference is the space for a belly and the support for it. Speaking of support, sports bras are key and luckily there are a bunch of maternity bras that not only give breasts the support they need, but also are multi-functional. Almost all that we included here have a nursing function part of the bra that can make it easier for mama to nurse or pump after baby comes. They come in different styles, too, just like regular sports bras. Pregnant mamas are going to need some extra support. Then there's maternity jackets that repel sweat for brisk walks or runs outside, as well as hoodies. The possibilities are truly endless and exciting. 

Sometimes wearing a comfortable workout outfit can be just as motivating to get one's butt out there and moving. Honestly, getting the outfit is the easy part. We hope we can help with that. Finding time and energy to do that workout is another thing entirely. But first, the outfits!

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Leggings are supposed to keep everything in the right place, but not all are up to the task of supporting a baby-filled belly. This one from Blanqi can as it completely fits over a large belly that "lifts and redistributes" weight.

Going on workout walks, runs, or simply going from the car to the gym can get chilly. This active jacket keeps things cozy but functional for pregnant women.

Breasts can be tender or a bit larger than usual during pregnancy, which can make lots of activities rough on them. This sports bra from Motherhood Maternity has proper support and doubles as a nursing bra. 

This Ingrid and Isabel jacket is another maternity activewear item perfect for moms-to-be. This black one features a side zipper that extends the width of the jacket as the belly grows.

Target has a nursing sports bra made especially for yoga. It comes in a soft mauve color and is made for plus size women.

Leggings come in so many bright styles, and maternity leggings are no different? These come in a "spacedye" gray and are budget-friendly.

The Cotton Candy nursing sports bra is the one to pick for a seamless style. It comes in black, blush, beige, and gray.

Workout pants may work for lots of people, but shorts can be more comfy, breathable, and cool, especially in summer. This pair from Old Navy has a "roll-over" waistband and moisture-wicking material. 

The chest will be more than supported with the Gapfit Medium Impact nursing sports bra. It holds it all together for pregnant women putting in a good workout, but also has removable straps for nursing or pumping.

Regular tank tops just won't do, and so this maternity one from Blanqi is a step above the rest. "It's cross-back straps hug your bod in all the right places, while chest and belly panels offer breathable comfort and moisture management."

Maternity sportswear is size inclusive at Target, with items from the store's maternity plus line. The back of the pants feature a cross-over style.

The Motherhood Maternity wireless sports bra comes in a fun, blue color for those who don't want plain black. The description states that the bra has a thick back strap for extra support.

These ASOS leggings have full belly coverage and darker patches on the knees. The top seam and bottom ankle seems feature a cute pink accent.

Sometimes, a simple, comfortable tank top is all that's needed to hit the gym. And comfort is so important for women who are expecting. This scoop neck tank will keep things cool and covered.

These emerald green maternity leggings are gorgeous and a perfect fit. These have a trendy mesh insert on the calf area. 

These maternity shorts are another comfy, breathable short style for pregnancy. There's even a hidden pocket at the waistband.

Camo print is fashionable and fun. But these leggings are also comfortable with support for both the belly and the back.

Whether it's for a workout in colder weather or to throw on after a gym session, this French terry hoodie is made to keep a pregnant mama warm. This one is made extra long to help keep the bump covered for the entire pregnancy.

For fitness mamas who are more into T-shirts than tanks (because options), this side-ruched tee is super cute. It comes in "spacedye" gray. 

This sports bra doubles as a maternity bra like the others, but features a thin-strap style look but no less comfort.

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